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Voltage Cycles – Electrick Bas Sport from Marty Schlesinger on Vimeo.


Enjoy the Ride!

Bike riding became our passion at a very young age.  When we were kids, we could be found riding dirt jumps at the vacant lot nearby.  Riding BMX was how we enjoyed our summers.  We’ve never stopped riding those little kids bikes because they’ve never failed to create good times.

As we grew up, our love of riding never faded.  Honestly it’s what keeps us young at heart and mind… not to mention helps keep us fit.  Our passion for riding is why we created Voltage Cycles.

Several years ago when gas prices were hovering at 4 dollars a gallon, we started looking at more affordable ways of getting around town.  We were already riding our bikes to get to and from work and for quick errands close to home.  But, we dreaded the hill climbs and arriving to work hot and sweaty. So we set out in search of an affordable way to get around.

We weren’t really interested in mopeds for many reasons: maintenance and services issues, loud, under powered, polluting 2 stroke engines.  So we set off looking for a quality electric bike.  What we discovered was very disappointing.  Most bikes we found our auntie’s wouldn’t even want to ride.  Having had a love for bike riding at an early age, we didn’t want to ride something that felt like we’d have to defend… We wanted something we’d be proud to ride. We wanted a viable, reliable, well made, good handling, quality electric bike.

So for several years we have been following the electric bike market, educating ourselves about different battery technologies and electric motors.  We’ve seen high concept bike designs that will never be made, or are too costly for the average person to afford, to mass produced bikes that don’t handle well, poorly made, cheap and aren’t reliable.

Finally after a couple years of hard work and determination we are able to offer the right combination of battery, motor, and quality components to build electric bikes that we are proud to say when asked… “It’s electric!”   Our hope is to change perceptions of ebikes from recreational toys to reliable, viable, transportation.

Enjoy the Ride!

Marty Schlesinger

Founder, Voltage Cycles


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